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Prairie Land Food

May Menu

Prairie Land Food Menu

Breakfast Box

BBQ Pulled Pork

Oscar Mayer Bacon!!!

Breaded Chicken Tenders

and much more


To order contact

Bob Gainer 518-8280

Dave Dunnavent 558-2388

Order by May 9

Pickup May 21




Congratulations to Robert Hunt for 1st shift Plant Chair at the Beech campus and Charlie Cowell for 1st shift Plant Chair at the Pawnee campus.


Grand Lodge Convention nominations


Kathy Knox

Jan Marple

Joe Ewers

Teresa Vasquez

Donovan Walker

Kurt Holtz

Shaun Junkins

Bob Gainer

Judy Pierce

Tim Franta

Rick Greene

Paula Hansen

Brian Alexander

Jacquie Sazama

Mike Antonelli


The Grand Lodge Convention will begin on September 4, 2016.


 Lodge T-Shirt design

UMAP: Union Member Assistance Program

UMAP is here to help improve the lives of IAM District 70 members and their families.

As an alternative option, UMAP can confidentially help Union Members without any prejudgment or bias opinion on discriminatory issues, including but not limited to race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or age. In addition to helping members in crisis, UMAP can also help with everyday problems.


24 hour Crisis Care Substance and Alcohol Abuse service
Marital and Family Counseling Gambling Addiction
Nutrition and Mental Health Solution Suicide Prevention
Stress Management Financial Management
Anxiety and Depression Services ...and more.


To get started, contact...

Jerry Bockman

Director of Union Member Assistance Program



Next Meeting

May 21

10:00 am

at District 70


Map to meeting place

3830 S. Meridian

Wichita, KS





 Trusteeship Notice Update 3-28-16


 Trusteeship Notice