Important Things to Consider When Voting

In an effort to inform members before they vote on the company’s request to open contract negotiations early, there will be two (2) separate questions to vote on.

  1. Strike Sanction: Is NOT a vote to strike, but gives members the authority to strike and will qualify members for the strike benefits of the IAM in the event, there is a strike. We strongly recommend that members vote “YES” in the Strike Sanction Vote.
  2. “Yes” or “No” to open contract negotiations with Textron Aviation. The Negotiating Committee has given that decision to the membership.

*If members vote to approve opening contract negotiations early, it is crucial for members to understand that our current contract language (Article 51.1) restricts our ability to strike until 60 days from the date we sent notification to the company (6-18-2020) that a failure to reach a settlement will lead to a strike, meaning we could not legally strike until mid-August. This would only be applicable in the event contract negotiations are opened early and there is a failure to ratify an agreement.

*If members choose not to open contact negotiations with Textron Aviation early, negotiations will resume in August 2020, as scheduled with the current contract expiration date of September 20, 2020.

Local 774 Member Update

District Lodge 70 President and Directing Business Representative, Cornell Beard and Assistant Directing Business Representative, Shaun Junkins update Local 774 members on Textron Aviations request to open contact negotiations early.

Strike Sanction Vote Explained

Members who have questions about the negotiation process can look in their custom Contract 2020 Negotiations Survival Handbook. Here’s an example on the topic of “Strike Sanction” voting.

Click the image to open the link to the Negotiation Survival Handbook