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Safety should always be our priority in everyday activity. Going to work, to the store, pick up the kids, out for dinner, even a walk down the street in the evening.

Taking that extra step to use some fashion of personal protective equipment, to always look for two exits when entering the restaurant for escape in the event of fire, or active shooter. Wearing a seat belt in the car to the grocery store just a few blocks down the street. Wearing the fall protection at work, even if the task would only take a few minutes. Putting the jack stands under the car when changing the oil. Making sure the curling iron is far enough back on the counter when it’s hot, so the kids can’t reach it.

All these activities will cost us a little extra planning, and then time. Time to execute the safety measure. Time, you may not feel that you have at that moment. You may be running late, your boss needs the task completed yesterday, dinner is on the stove and you need something from the store to finish or it will be ruined. There are many examples and reasons that make it easy to skip through the planning, or not take the extra time to ensure that safety precautions are used.

Safety is a mindset. When you see something out of the ordinary, like that guy on a sport bike riding a wheelie at 65-70 mph down Kellogg. Those instances stand out because we may not see them every day. We may think, that doesn’t look too safe, or does that guy have a death wish!

To begin having a safety mindset, we must think forward just a bit. If I hop into bed and think, did I blow that lit candle out before I got into bed? Could it catch fire and I risk burning to death in the middle of the night? Yes, it has happened. It’s not worth the risk. Take a moment to get back out of bed and blow it out.

At work we are constantly behind for reasons out of our control. We spend a lot of time at work, so it very easy to become complacent, and easily think to yourself, it’ll be fine, I’ve done this for years, I’ve got to get this done.

Is safety a pain? It cost us planning and time, and at times it may not be real comfortable. At the end of the day, I’m not laying in a hospital bed, or tossing and turning with pain from an injury. Then there’s the worst-case scenario where I never get to go home because I’m dead.

Please, the next time you are faced with this decision (like if your reading this and walking), take just a moment to make sure you, and those around you are safe. There is someone out there that cares about you, and the guy or gal next to you as well. Don’t let the lack of safety be a pain!

We will build our own safety culture!

In UNION there is strength! We have power in numbers! It’s when we let things divide us we become separated and weak as separated clusters or individually. When it comes to the company violating contractual issues, we should all be on board with a stand against such violations. For example: If entire shops were to stand out on a volunteer weekend (and the like) to make statements of compliance, we can show that power. When a quarter of the shop thinks one way, a quarter thinks another, the other half don’t care and NEEDS the money…there is very little power. It is when we come together on issues as a UNION (of individuals) that we can/will make the difference. Lets set out to unite our cause (Our future, the future of our family’s, and our community), what will 2020 bring? Will we be ready??